Can I use the "getAssetsByOwner" for multiple addresses?

Hi guys,

Does anybody know if it’s possible to query multiple addresses at once using the “getAssetsByOwner” API and if so what additional payload/alterations to this payload would I need?

payload = {
            "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
            "id" : "my-id",
            "method" : "searchAssets",
            "params" : {
                "ownerAddress" : address,
                "tokenType" : "fungible",
                "page" : 1,
                "limit" : 1000,
                "displayOptions" : {
                "showFungible" : True,
                "showUnverifiedCollections" : True,
                "showCollectionMetadata" : False,
                "showGrandTotal" : False,
                "showNativeBalance": True,
                "showInscription": False
                } } }




Hey Josh,

Unfortunately it is not possible to query multiple owner addresses at once. You would need to make a separate call for each address you wish to query.

I thought that was the case as I couldn’t find it referenced anywhere but thought I’d ask anyways as I’m making an obscene number of requests at the minute.

I’ll do it properly and get setup with some webhooks once I’ve got more time, thanks for the response!

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