Token dev supply percentage

What is the best way of checking what percentage of a tokens supply is being held by the dev, or sent to other accounts instead of the liquidity pool.

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first, we need to find out the total token suply - this can be read from the token mint account. then, we need to either parse the transaction which added liquidity to the pool, to get how much tokens the developer sent, or we also can parse the AMM account on the dex, to see how much tokens it contains. then the percentage would be (full token supply - amount sent to lp)/(full token supply) * 100.

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You can get all the token accounts of a mint by using the getTokenAccounts method in the Helius DAS API (read more here).

This will give you an array of all the token accounts which you can go and get the owner’s wallet addresses. Use searchAssets with ownerAddress and grouping or supplyMint specifying the token mint. Do this to all the wallet addresses and rank in order of numbers of tokens owned. Read More