Unique time stamped Hashed DNA signing Token

Hi I need help to develop my idea - I’m not a Dev or even a coder, I had to ask Chat GPT what the steps are - I want to build a unique, Time-stamped, Hashed, DNA- Based, Digital ID - That I can use to sign a transaction using my unique signature token - to permit data use, support good programmes, help solve an issue in the space with the hashing of my (Or anyone’s) DNA and fixed in time SO it can never be replicated with stored DNA and A different Hashing method etc. when created using SHA 256 Pub/Priv key on an ordinal or other “token” committing verified transactions (Signed) to the Solana Block chain… (Not looking to “Make money” just trying to do something useful?

Is this a stupid Idea?


gm @FinglisCave !

This is a very interesting idea that touches a lot on how blockchains could interact with digital identity and biometrics. At first glance, this trends into very sensitive territory. For example, there have been talks about how blockchain technology could revolutionize healthcare records and provide better security, drug authentication, protection against insurance fraud, quicker to update medical records, etc.

However, there’s been a lot of pushback — people are scared to upload sensitive information to a public, permissionless network, and rightfully so. I would expect a similar response if you tried to get people to use their DNA on-chain, so this could be a quite controversial topic, which you could mitigate with the proper implementation details. This would require a lot of research into cryptography and the latest encryption schemes to secure such information properly. You’d need to ensure someone couldn’t come along and simply reverse-engineer the original DNA data.

I recommend starting very small to dip your toes in the water as it’s very complex to pull off. You’d need to reach out to coders and biotech engineers to gauge interest and see how feasible something like this would be. You could start small with a simplified version, such as focusing on the blockchain aspect and simulating the DNA-based ID with placeholder data. Or, you could look at how fingerprints could be used to create a digital ID.

I also recommend looking into Worldcoin and Proof of Personhood, as well as Proof of Humanity

Hopefully, this helps!